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Governor Rick Snyder is dead politically

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Governor Rick Snyder is dead politically. In Michigan our next governor will be a Democrat and probably for a long time in the future. Governor Rick Snyder and his merry band of criminal Republicans are all politically dead. They had done so many bad things to the people of Michigan. There is nothing this bad Republican governor won't do for the Koch brothers and big business. I don't believe they are doing it for free. It is my opinion that money is changing hands and I don't mean just campaign money. There is not enough money to buy these people another term in office.

Investigate all Republican governors and Koch brothers

I would like to see an investigation of all Republican governors and their association with Koch brothers and the ALEC organization. I would also like to see an investigation of the Justices on the Supreme Court and their association with the Koch brothers and ALEC. The investigation would have to include their wives and children. All investments current or in the past. All purchases. All vacations. Any expenditure of any kind by any member of their family. This is just my opinion but I believe that money is changing hands in some form or the other. These people are not destroying their reputation and shaming their families without some kind of reward. Michigan law makers have to come home with their bloody hands. We know their crime. We know their dirty deeds. I backed off from doing a mailing on our local representative in Michigan government. I was wrong. I will be doing mailings to all his neighbors and other people in our community. He is a dispised human and deserves to know the pain of that.

The real reason people didn't vote for Constitution changes

The reason that people didn't vote for the protection of worker's rights was not because we didn't believe that worker's rights should be protected but because some people thought that the United States Constitution was going to be amended. They didn't understand that it was the state Constitution. That was never explained to the voters. They would not vote for changing the United States Constitution. Of course, some people did know that it wasn't the Federal Constitution and voted for the bill. The corrupt Republicans assumed it was because the people didn't want worker's rights protected. These corrupt people will pay for this bad decision to hurt Michigan workers. All for the Koch brothers and rich people.

Two old codgers with no real human worth

We need to investigate the Koch brothers and their involvement into our government. There is something very wrong with what has happened with the Republicans and Koch brothers. These are two old codgers with one foot in the cemetery and the other in the nursing home who want to rule our country. God will get them for this. I hope they die soon and badly. Nobody deserves it more than this two people. No, that isn't nice but I hate Republicans and the things they do aren't nice.

Why are Republicans such worthless human beings

It seems to me that God wasted his energy creating Republicans. They are as harmful a disease and the plague. Whereever they are bad things happen. Nothing good comes from Republicans. Satan's right hand as far as I am concerned. There is no good in these people. They seek to do harm to us all. There is no safe place for them to be in our world. They seek to do harm to all and everywhere. Some people are not smart enough to understand that the Republicans are willing to bury us all to enrich themselves. They have shamed themselves and their families for centuries to come. It will all go down in history books. What they have done to returning soldiers is disgusting and shameful. We have at least a million veterans who have filed claims for disability and have waited a long time for those claims to be processed. Those claims are not being processed so our veterans will not get any income until they are processed. Disgraceful. Republicans are to blame for this.

Republicans have refused to governor since 2010 and before that they were doing a very bad job of doing their job. They voted for debt after debt after debt. Two unpaid for wars. Welfare to corporations and rich people. They call themselves fiscally responsible

Republicans have done so many bad things to America and they hope to do more. Our country is lost unless we remove all Republicans from all levels of government. They have no intregity. They would stand on their dead mother's head to be a little taller. Harsh. Yes, but what they want to do to America and Americans is more than harsh. Our country will be no more if these people keep getting elected to office. They have plans to make sure that they will remain in office forever and can do whatever and Republicans nor Democrats can vote them out of office. This election was just the first step toward killing elections. People don't understand that these Republicans intend to make sure that nobody has any rights except the very rich. Some have been dumb enough to come right out and say that. Of course, they think they are rich enough to matter. They are not. When those at the top kill off one group of people they will start on the next group and at some point these people who think they are rich enough to matter will find themselves on the human trash heap.

What is Rick Snyder getting for being a traitor to Michigan peopele

You would think that Governor Snyder and his corrupt Republicans would be getting something substantial for their dirty deeds but I am willing to bet they received a pittance. We will know at some point. Koch brothers have made Governor Snyder worthless to them after the next election and he will be done for politically. And it might happen sooner rather than later. Most of the laws, if not all, that he and his criminal Republicans have made are in violation of Michigan's Constitution. They made laws without following proper procedure. They say laws take effect right away without the correct number of votes. They take votes with four people present and say the measure passed. No, it didn't pass. It is all illegal. They are corrupt people and the people back home need to picket their homes and their offices and let them know exactly how we feel about their illegal actions. Our Representative is Matt Lori and he lives in Constantine Mi a short distance from here. He was a sheriff before getting elected to office. Now I wonder what kind of sheriff was he? Judging by the way he has behaved since going to Lansing I would imagine that he probably wasn't a good sheriff during that time. I wonder. And all those other bad people who call themselves Republicans what were they doing before going to Lansing to become crooks. My opinion because of their actions. They pass bills without following proper procedure. They are no good and should be removed. Either by investigating or by recall for bad behavior. Why do they shame themselves and their families? Money? Fame? Glory? The only thing it seems to me is money. That is why a lot of bad politicans are created. They actually go into politics to do good but before long they go bad. Or they say they go into politics to do good. Some of the current idiots in Washington didn't go there to do good. They went there intending to do bad things. They just didn't tell the people who elected them that.

Right to work law is a sham

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has screwed Michigan workers by voting in a right to work law. He did this, of course, as usual, in a dishonest way. No debate. No meetings. The law is illegal because the Union is private organization and contracted their lawyers and representatives to work for union members. Neither the state nor federal can say that these representatives or lawyers breach their contract. These people are owned by the union they are not free agents. As contracted agents they are not free to work for other people unless the union votes that they can. It is not legal for these people to work for other people other than union people. If those freeloaders want to have someone to work for them they would have to join the union. They have no rights to free services and goods. It is illegal. Koch brothers are so full of crap and the stuff they keep doing. The union has to make this known. Union are a private organization who have contracted these representatives and lawyers to work for them. If the the freeloaders want to have someone work for them then they need to form a union of their own. It is against the law to make a business provide free goods and services to individuals. It creates a loss for those businesses resulting in a loss of income that no other business would be burden with. If the union was a business it would be said the state was creating unfair competition. That is on law books under fair business practice. No state nor federal can make a law saying a business must provide free services and goods to non paying customers. Wow. A lot of people would really love that wouldn't they.

What Rick Snyder and his corrupt Republicans are saying to the union. The union, a private organization, must provide free services and goods to those unwilling to pay for them. The law is illegal. Unions are private. Unions are owned by the people who have paid dues. No dues, no membership. The unions must take a vote as soon as possible to vote that they will not provide free goods and services to non members. The state has over stepped its boundaries with this law. No business or organization can be made provide free services and goods to non paying members. Union members must vote no. No free anything. Pay union dues are go without.

Republicans big lie

You do not have to join a union to work in a union shop. All across this nation many people work at union shops and don't join the union but they aren't stupid enough to think they should get free goods and services. They know they will benefit from the union's bargaining but they have no rights to those goods and services that they don't pay for. Try getting free stuff. Go into a beauty shop and get your hair cut and then walk out without paying. You can always say Rick Snyder and his Republicans say I don't have to pay for your goods and services. Go into Red Lobster. Hey, take your family and friends. Remember it is all free. Rick Snyder and his Republicans say we don't have to pay for goods and services. It is all free. Enjoy your Christmas. Don't forget to send a thank you note to Rick Snyder and his Republicans. It does make for a better Christmas and holidays. Free everything. No cost for anything. Thank you, Rick Snyder and Michigan state Republicans. By the way, I think we should stop paying these people their salaries and pensions. Free goods and services from them. Only right. They don't really need our money they have the Koch brothers.