Grover Norquist is idiot

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Oh, my God, Grover Norquist is an idiot. What a freaking ass. He thinks all Romney or Obama need to do is rubber stamp whatever the Republican party wants. Grover Norquist is saying Republicans should give the rich people anything they want. Take it away from the poor, elderly, disabled and anyone. Just pass the money on to the rich people. Rubber stamp the corrupt Republicans ideas.

He thinks that Mitt Romney will just go along with them and sign whatever they put before him. I am afraid that might be true. Mitt Romney has already signed Grover Norquist pledge not to raise taxes on the rich just on the poor and needy. Grover Norquist is a lobbyist. A damn lobbyist. Grover Norquist should be banned from the halls of congress along with his supporters.

Grover Norquist, in my opinion, is a stupid jerk. Lacking in intelligence. Lacking in compassion. Lacking in knowledge. He has only one goal in mind and that is to make rich people richer. To hell with the rest of the people. We have seen the Republicans fell all over themselves to achieve this goal. We need to replace all Republicans in our government while we still have a country. And ban Grover Norquist from the halls of congress. Anyone who has signed Grover Norquist should resign from office. The pledge to him is a pledge not to work for the people.

Mitt Romney is so artificial he is almost like a robot. His wife is just as artificial as he is. I keep wondering where have I seen them before. They simply are not real people. I remember seeing a exhibit in Florida of a couple in the future of electric. Modern living. The couple they used for the exhibit looks like Romney and Ann. Are they real people? Artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or real people

I remember when I first saw them on TV I felt uneasy. They didn't look real. They don't talk real. Romney is 65 and looks more like 55 with his dyed hair and with just the right touch of gray hair. Ann, bleached blond and probably as old as Romney does look more the part. But bleached blond is something a younger person would do not a 65 year old women unless she is in show business.

Like Barbie and Ken. I don't know but I don't feel like they are real people. It is like they might have a shut off switch and when they are shut off someone programs them for the next day. It seems like two different people do the programming. One person believes one thing and the other person believes something else. That would explain why Romney keeps flip flopping.

I would say if Mitt Romney is elected he would probably just sign into law everything the so called Republicans send to him. Artificial intelligence. They can just program him to smile and sign the bill. Where does that leave America? In deep, deep, deep trouble. Romney keeps saying Corporations are people. No, Corporations are not people. His programmers have done a number on him.

Too many corrupt Republicans in our government

We have too many corrupt Republicans in our government, state and federal. We have one more chance to save America. We have to vote these bad people out of our government. In November 2012 we will have an election. While we can't get rid of most of these governors we can get rid of their House of Representatives who are making stupid laws written by Koch brothers.

If we don't vote them out of office then America is dead. Obama by himself can't bring America back. We have to have good people who are not greedy and selfish. Republicans will tell any lie to stay in office. The rich people are ready to tell any lie to keep Republicans in office. This depression could have been averted if we had not had Republicans in charge who were ready to do anything for the rich people. These elected Republicans put us in this depression and their policies will finish us off. We are standing on the edge of abyss and they are poised to push us off. They will put us into such a deep depression that America will be gone forever.

While Republicans were trying, in their opinion, to spread democracy around the world they were trying to kill democracy at home. Everything from getting someone fired for making true statements on TV. Got a show canceled because it showed the coffins of dead soldiers. Exposed a CIA agent to further their war agenda. Never mind that it could get her killed. Not important. This is just the tip of the iceberg with the Republicans. Corruptness is their motto as long as they win. The Republicans on the Supreme Court have made bad rulings to promote the Republican party. Now we are seeing the results of their bad rulings. All that money being poured into ads to tell us lies about Democrats. It just might blow up in their face because there are rich people who trust the Democrats. There are other countries that have been shafted by Republicans who would rather see Democrats in office.

They say that each candidate will spend over a billion dollars to run for president. This is wrong. We know who to blame for this. It is not right. We should not let outsiders get involved in our election. It is the people who should support their candidate. It is the people who should be allowed to vote for a president. Laws made all across this country is hoping to make sure a lot of people who might vote for a Democrat won't be allowed to vote. It is the Republican way. Shameful. Disgraceful.