Republicans will take all your rights away

One Woman's Opinion

I support Occupy Wall Street and Washington D. C

Women we need you to run for office and put these men out of office.

Women's rights must be protected.

The Republican and Tea Party women we have in congress are voting with the men on taking away of Women's Rights. Replace them.

The opinions expressed on my pages are my opinions. Solely, my opinions.

I listen to what Conservative Republicans say. They do a little double talk that says we did it for you because we didn't want the Democrats to hurt you. But what they really did was vote for the rich and powerful, big corporations and to take your rights away. Yet, the voters don't seem to hear what they are saying. They don't see the final bill that is produce against them until it is too late. The bill is law which you are expected to obey.

I think Republicans are dumb. This current attack on women and their reproductive rights is going to back fire in their faces. Women will not go back to those times when we had no rights. All the rights women have was not just handed to them by the good heartiness of politicians. It was a battle fought and won through many years. Now the Conservative Republicans are whittling it away chunk by chunk.

Under whose demands are they pushing these bills to take away women's rights? Who would it benefit? I would like to know. I had heard that white people in America will become a minority in a few short years. But no birth control would affect all races, not just white. I want to know who this is for. Certainly not for women. It would hurt women if we let them get away with it.

Some states are trying to pass laws that say birth control is an abortion. Pretty stupid, you say. Yes, but they are doing this to appease someone but who? How do women protect their rights? I say by banding together and putting these people who tread on our rights out of office. Be it Democrat or Republican. These people are not fit to legislate and need to be removed. America has so many problems right now and this is how they decide to spend their time. Taking away citizen's rights. It has been an attack on citizen's rights all across America.

Most of what I have heard and seen are Republicans, namely Conservative Republicans. You know the ones who keep saying we need smaller government. They are growing the government to take away your rights. In one state women have to have a vaginal sonogram if they are trying to end a pregnancy. To me it sounds like a Nazi thing. It is the way Nazi Germany operated. Take away citizen's rights and make them fearful and then when the government's attention turns to another group (jews)then you are so relieved that they stopped attacking you that you join the government in its attack. Sad day for America.

If they really wanted to stop abortions in America they would support women in supporting their family. Like England does for its families. You get a check for each child. I don't know if that is enough to help but I think it must be. In America politicians spend a lot of time trying to take things away from American families. They could devise more programs, like child care, like preschool, like credits for people with children. We need better child care in America. Do the politicians ever even think about the children programs? Conservative Republicans even tried to stop head start. They legislate against families and children. They want to close schools period. Let some religion take over schools. When they are in power they take money from schools. Schools are community projects. Schools are not just for learning. Sports, music, well, we did have music until the Republicans stopped that. We did have art, gone, thanks to Republicans.

Abortions will continue even if it means a lot of women will die. Women are smart enough to understand that it is them who is going to be punished by having a child you can't support. It is all up to her to do everything. Women are stretched to the breaking point already. Now you are expected to have a child a year and work to support the children you already have. At some point it all becomes impossible. No support with child care. In some areas child care is just not there. Republicans could help there, couldn't they? Do we hear them trying to do that? No! No! They want to interfere with your life unless it means helping you.

Why do you vote for a Conservative Republicans?

Write, call, email your congress person in your state or Federal. Tell them to stop attacking Women's Rights!

Better yet, get someone to run against your congress person and help them get elected. It is not as hard as you think. Right now, I believe, these people would lose against anyone

We have many smart educated women who would win a election if they set their mind to it. Some of these people in office are so bad and if the people knew they would vote for a replacement in a heartbeat.